Working on film sets I learned how to administrate, communicate in business with a defined hierarchical strata, and juggle multiple priorities. As an event planner I scheduled incentives and managed a staff. Working in a studio at an investment relations firm I helped design the CIBC annual report. And that was all before I became a writer, editor, and broadcaster.  

In the 15 years of being a journalist, I've honed my writing, copy editing and time management skills. I've written capsule material from 100 words to feature articles of 3000 words, for radio, newspapers, magazines, and online. I've written press releases and investigative pieces, hosted panels at film and book festivals, and served on cultural juries. I've interviewed artists, musicians, activists, 
business people, politicians, writers, and filmmakers. 

I'm versatile, professional, and relentlessly curious.

Services include:



Broadcast reporting and hosting

Story Editing



Public speaking 

Teaching or hosting workshops

Communications consulting

Corporate writing

Press-release writing

Project coordinating

Film and video programming